Love 2 Act

Sessions for drama kings & queens aged 3-14.


  • Want to explore a topic in a different way?
  • Provide something a bit different for a themed session?
  • Raise your students' attainment level?
Whatever your drama workshop requires we can help! If you don't see exactly what you need please contact us to discuss your personalised workshop, tailor made for your school.

The three workshops we currently offer are:

  • Confidence & Self- Esteem Building
  • Communication & Teamwork
  • Performance Skills


Frequently Asked Questions

What age group are the workshops for?
We run workshops for KS1 and KS2 (aged 4-11).

How do I book a workshop?
Go to the contact page, give us a call or contact us on the enquiry form and we will call you back to discuss your needs.

How much will a workshop cost?
A one day workshop costs £130. A two hour workshop cost £50, and a one hour workshop costs £30.  Please discuss with us directly for any other combinations of numbers.

How long does a workshop last for?
A one day workshop is designed to fit into a normal school day (approximately 9:30am- 2:30pm) although other timescales can be agreed. Otherwise the workshops are designed to be one or two hours long.  

How many students can take part in the workshop?
At KS1 and KS2 up to 30 students. 

What space do you need to run the workshop in?
Depending on the size of the group an empty classroom, school hall, or large space will all be sufficient.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!